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MetaClinic features


Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Rehab Operator, the future of AI driven healthcare and serves as the first touch point of care.

Instant Assessment

Uses Patent pending technology all through a picture from your smart device. There is no assessment technology out there that is capable of this.


Coming soon

Earn Health

Gamification reward system. Heal to earn by utilizing features in our MetaClinic.

Treatment platform

Customized by our algorithm and based on your assessment scores.

Quick fix

For those in a hurry. Simply input where you are having pain or discomfort and we will provide a quick and instant solution.


Our answer to creating good habits. Set up notifications for our educational videos, assessments, and treatments to create the consistency needed to hit your goals.


All the tools you need to assist in your health journey.


How it works

CAIRO your MetaDoc

CAIRO is named after our founder and CEO’s son, and means victorious. All parents understand that our children represent the best parts of us, and by carrying this ideal over to our work it will serve as a guiding light to create a service that represents just that. Our humanity, and compassion towards the wellbeing of each other just as family does for one another.

CAIRO is embedded with sophisticated algorithms and machine learning that allow him to increase his precision over time. As he gets smarter he will be able to do so much more than analyze posture and predict risk. He is the future of AI driven healthcare and serves as your first touch point of care.


AI driven healthcare ecosystem

  1. CAIRO: Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Rehab Operator. CAIRO, our AI is at the center of our ecosystem.
  3. Vitruvian Man: Symbolizes the perfect symmetry & balance of the human form.
  5. 4 Pillars: Representing the 4 industries making up our ecosystem. Health, Finance, Apparel, and Technology.
  7. Globe: MetaDoc’s ability to scale our ecosystem worldwide.
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MetaDoc White Paper

MetaDoc is a AI driven healthcare ecosystem. We provide assessments, solutions, data analytics/storage, and resources using our patented algorithm. Our algorithm can quantify health and risk of injury with a selfie. There is no technology out there that is capable of this.

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To educate and inspire people all over the world to be healthy.


To create a new path to health through AI.


Gain understanding, security and control over your own health.



Birth of innovation

  • Hands-on algorithm created on a white board in a garage
  • 5 years of trying to prove the algorithm wrong
  • Over a 1000 lives changed
  • 2 published research articles
  • Seed funding
  • Proof of concept converting hands on algorithm to image capture with development team


Make ourselves known

  • Beta App releases with postural assessment
  • 12 Trademarks - 4 confirmed - 8 pending
  • Patent submitted
  • MetaClinic platform development begins
  • Funding round 2


In progress

  • B2C Marketing begins
  • PR begins
  • MetaClinic launch
  • Fair market launch of MetaDoc token
  • V2-4 App feature backlogs begin development


Business development

  • Inspire Health initiatives
  • B2B initiatives begin
  • B2I initiatives begin



  • Lots of surprises focused around expanding services of AI in healthcare


Our company is led by a value-driven team of creatives.

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about us

Great app.
Really pinpoints where I may have injuries. I also liked the analysis because it lists what may be causing my pain and the explanation of each possible injury.

Sylvia M Los

Angeles. CA
I am a soccer player and always getting small injuries. This app helped me find my problem areas and help me and my trainers figure out how to keep me healthy.


Los Angeles. CA
Interesting how this app can analyze my posture and based on my score tell me where common injuries can occur.
Very easy to use!


Los Angeles. CA

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Got a question? No problem. Check our frequently asked questions below to see if your answer is there.

Metadoc uses advanced AI technology to assess your posture with a picture. Our A.I. aka C.A.I.R.O. can analyze your posture and locate areas of the body that are at high risk for injury.

Your results will be shown after you take your posture picture. They will be saved in your dashboard when you are logged into the app.

Knowledge is power, knowing this we recommend the following:

1. Utilize our MetaClinic to improve your postural health as our routines are customized based on your scores.

2. Perform your posture analysis often to understand what activities improve or compromise your postural health.

3. Provide this information to anyone involved in your healthcare so they can better tailor their work with you.

Our team is currently putting together video routines that will help address some of your higher risk areas that C.A.I.R.O. identifies from your scan.

Not at the moment, however, we will be working on this so that we can properly connect you to the right physician based on your needs.

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Send us a message on our website in the “Contact” section.

This service is coming soon. We will be releasing a Licensing plan in the coming phases.

In the posture scores section underneath your picture you will find a tab called “Score interpretation” When you click on this tab you will see an explanation for your scores.

Yes, you can find all your previous scores in the dashboard under “Posture Scores” .

You can click link Forgot Password when logging in. This will send you an automated email to the email you provided when signing up where you can reset your password.

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